Anne Wollenberg – reprint from the Guardian Online

I really liked this small piece from the Guardian newspaper last week, sadly I can’t reprint it in full…

Technobile: As if dating were not hard enough, social networking sites add another layer of anxiety to the process

Anne Wollenberg
Thursday  May 31, 2007
The Guardian

No one ever said that dating was easy. But when I signed up for MySpace and Facebook (and admit it, you have, too) I didn’t realise that I was subscribing to a culture of uncertainty even more likely to induce a cold sweat than an unanswered text message.These social networking sites masquerade as the singleton’s new playground. It’s kind of like browsing Amazon, but with people. But it’s a bit mad. If the woman sitting next to you on the bus asked you to be her new friend on the grounds that you were reading an article about a band she once listened to, you’d just feign deafness and swiftly move seats. In the world of MySpace, this sort of irrational networking is perfectly acceptable.

Keep reading the article here


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