upcoming conference on web 2.0 technologies

re-posted from the SPECTRE list – This conference is in Amsterdam on the 30th and 31st of May.

Virtueel Platform invites you to attend the international conference
Cultuur 2.0. The conference examines the impact of a series of
developments known commonly as Web 2.0, including sharing, ranking,
rating, collective intelligence, the wisdom & the dumbness of crowds,
empowering software, social software, community applications.

The conference brings together the cultural sector and the online and
ICT world to share, develop and learn to use knowledge, ideas and
technology. Will a Web 2.0 approach really bring about new kinds of
cultural content or is this merely a question of a temporary hype?

Cultuur 2.0 is made up of two days. The first takes the form of a seminar, in which the Web 2.0 way of thinking is taken apart,
questioned and applied to the current cultural climate and policy
development. To assist us on this journey will be international
speakers including Charles Leadbeater
(http://www.charlesleadbeater.net), author of the forthcoming ‘We
Think, the power of mass creativity’, Internet pioneer Bob Stumpel
(http://www.result.com), Internet entrepreneur Boris Veldhuijzen van
Zanten (http://www.fleck.com) and Andrew Keen
(http://www.aftertv.com) who will be joining in via ‘video
conversation’. In addition a number of ministers from the former
‘Kabinet Online’ will debate on Professional versus Amateur

The second day of the Cultuur 2.0 conference on Thursday 31st of May
will be held in the form of a LAb.

In every Scenario LAb representatives of Web 2.0 and the Art/Cultural
sector will collide, work together, learn or maybe even melt together
as one.
The scenarios are: ‘Canon 2.0’ with the Rijksmuseum as a stakeholder,
‘Broadcasting 2.0’ with the VPRO, ‘Funds 2.0’ with Digital Pioneers,
and ‘Film 2.0′ with NFTVM. In addition there will also be an open
Scenario:’Lab 2.! 0©—’ lead by Willem Velthoven (Mediamatic). Guests
for this day are requested by invitation only.

A small exhibition has been put together showing examples of Cultuur
2.0 applications and cross-overs that coincide with the conference.

You will find more information on the programme here:

You can read news on the conference on our blog:

Registration for the first day via:

Fee: ¤ 75,- euro
Would you like to know more?
Please send an e-mail to Leonieke@virtueelplatform.nl or call
Virtueel Platform: 0031 20 6273758

This conference has been made possible by the Creative Challenge Call.

Virtueel Platform
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV
Email: asta@virtueelplatform.nl


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